Lakehead University - 50th Anniversary
Our StoriesTell Us Your StoryOur StoriesLakehead is proud of its graduates. Here you will find interesting stories that have been shared by some of our students, alumni, and faculty living around the world. Why not tell us your story? Do you have a memory about your days at Lakehead? Send it in and we'll post it.
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Elvira BlackYak's Milk!

Oh, the things you can learn from your University Professors!

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John ConnorConfessions of a Former Forester

I am safely out of Canada now; thus, I can tell this wonderful story. A kabul of first year (Lorax) forestry students inclusive of myself (Con), U-go not Me-go(Ugo Fuenekes), Hammer(Dwayne Schultz), Thor (Doug Thoraski)and McNot (Jeff McKnight) cut the Engineers' infamous and invaluable cannon off its base...

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Ellen TaylorFacts Are Not Always What They Seem To Be!

It was 1964. I was a young mother of two toddlers trying to stay home with them for the first few years of their lives. I had just read The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan and was inspired to seek out how I might make a difference somehow, somewhere.

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Roland JuganWho you going to call? - Claude Haw!

From the Engineering class of 1979. I had spent several hours in the library, trying to solve a problem but to no success. Later, while walking down a hallway, looking perplexed and feeling thoroughly miserable, I happened to bump into a classmate, Claude Haw.

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Mischa SkoropadEleven Hours

It only took four years at this great school getting his degree, making friends for life, working at Mount Baldy in the winters and falling in love with the region.

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