Lakehead University - 50th Anniversary
Our StoriesTell Us Your StoryOur StoriesLakehead is proud of its graduates. Here you will find interesting stories that have been shared by some of our students, alumni, and faculty living around the world. Why not tell us your story? Do you have a memory about your days at Lakehead? Send it in and we'll post it.
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50/50 Tickets50/50 Tickets Available Now!

Lakehead University is selling 50/50 tickets to raise funds for student financial aid. Tickets are $5 each or $20 for six tickets. You could win a maximum of $10,000, based on how many tickets are sold. The draw will be held on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 5 pm. All proceeds will go towards student financial aid. Tickets may not be purchased by or on behalf of anyone under the age of 18 years old. Tickets are available on Campus at the Bookstore, Security and Switchboard, as well as during special events throughout the year.

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From Thunder Bay to Spain and back. A local man's journey

My amazing life story, to date, started at Lakehead University and folks, I am not kidding you about that. Its a long story so I’ll give you the short, readable version. I started at Lakehead in the Political Science Dept. in 1995 and completed a 4-year Honours program in just 3, due to Lakehead’s excellent spring and summer courses. I had student loans like most people and needed a boost if I was ever to get a Master’s Degree, so with the help of the Career Counselling Dep. I received the support I needed to apply for a Rotary International Scholarship for a Master’s Degree anywhere outside of Canada. I was accepted and became the 1st, of subsequently many, International Rotary Scholars from the Thunder Bay Region. I applied to 4 Universities, U of Kent, U of Hong Kong, U of Canberra and U of Madrid. I was accepted to all 4 and decided on Madrid. I filed the paperwork and at the last minute was not allowed entry due to one diplomatic paper I was lacking. I went straight to the President’s office and asked, no begged him, to write me a letter and send it to the President of Admissions of the U of Madrid to vouch for me while the papers came through and he did. The President's letter was enough to convince Madrid admissions to admit me while the diplomatic papers were processed and I went on to complete my Master’s Degree in Madrid, Spain. Apart from the support, and my admiration for the staff and President, the education I received at Lakehead was in my opinion, as high in caliber as that of my Master’s Degree, at that much larger and older institution in Madrid (est. 1293). I now run my own international finance business from my own home (Montréal/Thunder Bay), which allows me to have the right quality of life I've always dreamed of and above all, allows me more time to spend and work with my family at Donato’s Bakery in Thunder Bay. The world gave me Lakehead, and Lakehead took me around the world. Thank you and congrats on your 50th David

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Caesar J.B. Squitti

The physics of Truth; Thinking in Color.

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Chancellor Lorne Everett

Something happened at Lakehead University 52 Years ago.

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Luana Duarte Martins

An international student shares what it was like moving to Thunder Bay from Brazil!

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